The only thing I could thing was, I CAN DO THAT! Corey Morgan


Mr. Corey is recognized as one of the finest face painters on the East coast, and is a professional face painting instructor with FABA (Face And Body Art TV), one of the largest face and body art organizations in the world. A prolific writer and contributor on social media, Mr. Corey also enjoys a worldwide following of fellow face painters and enthusiasts.

His journey started over 10 years ago, when he took his daughter to a classmate's birthday party. He watched the face painter entertain and transform the kids, and something inside him clicked.

"The only thing I could think was 'I CAN DO THAT!'" Mr. Corey said. "After finding out where to purchase my own supplies, and practicing for hours on my wife and two daughters, I began painting at birthday parties and events at local schools and churches."

Whether teaching a class with dozens of face painting professionals, or transforming a birthtday girl into a princess or hero, Mr. Corey combines superb artistic skills and a fun, engaging personality (and a bit of stand-up comedy) to create an experience that is truly unique among face painters. Children and adults who experience "The Mr. Corey Effect" are blown away not only by Mr. Corey's artistry, but also how much fun they had getting the work done.

"I can honestly say that since I’ve been face painting, I have yet to have a bad day on the job," Mr. Corey said. "I love art, and I love making people smile. I had found a job that I really love!"

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